For The Folk.

WoodLuck is a happy-go-lucky company that believes in superstition and comfort. Each Woodhood comes with wood to knock on….

no matter where life takes you!

Be sure to check out the Happy Hour shorts! perfect lounge wear for your post feast and morning coffee missions!

Check Us Out.

Sundial Woodhood CoffeeSundial Woodhood Coffee
  • Woodhoods.

    Your new favorite sweatshirt! Each sweatshirt comes with a small piece of wood attached, a unique addition to your line up.

  • Knock on Wood.

    Any time you feel like you need a little extra luck, knock on wood before going for that next jump!

  • Goods for the go getters.

    Superstitious supply for the folk who get after it! Stay cozy when you catch that sunset we got you covered.

Our Mission

The idea of the company is that no matter where life takes you, you’ll always be able to knock on wood. This company came to life due to our superstitious beliefs. With the WoodHood you will have wood to knock on inches away from your hand, eliminating a jinx of any magnitude. WoodLuck lounge wear and beach apparel allows you to bring luck with you wherever you go.